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Welcome to Our Lady of the Snows Parish & School

Reverend W. Shawn McKnight, Bishop of the Diocese of Jefferson City, the clergy and the faithful of the diocese welcome you and hope that your time in our Mother Church may be an opportunity to share our faith and joy in Our Lord Christ Jesus.

Our Lady of the Snow’s Catholic Church is devoted to serving all God’s holy people, regardless of race, color, or creed, and runs a Catholic school. The original old wood-frame church established in 1885 burned down by accident and was rebuilt with a new stone in 1907. It’s still standing today. Click Here for the History and origin of our parish.

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The Cathedral Church of Saint Joseph is the embodiment of the vision of the first Bishop of Jefferson CIty, Bishop Joseph M. Marling, CPPS, following the Second Vatican Council. We invite you to learn more about the unique architecture and features of this Cathedral, by using the menu below.